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NFL Wonderlic Scores

Have you ever wondered how intelligent an NFL player is off the field? How about how well they can solve problems that everyday people might across? NFL executives have definitely thought about it, which is why players still take a cognitive ability test today at the NFL Draft Combine. NFL Wonderlic scores are used pre-combine to analyze decision making abilities of NFL prospects.

The Wonderlic Test

The test that is used as a pre-draft assessment to predict NFL player performance is called the Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test (or The Wonderlic Test for short). It consists of 50 math, vocabulary, and reasoning questions that test the test taker’s general cognitive ability.

Scantron for the NFL Wonderlic Test being filled out

The kicker is that you are only given 12 minutes to complete the exam. So, not only do you need to get the questions correct, you need to get through them quickly. Gathering NFL Wonderlic scores allows us to see how players can process and react to information in a fast-faced setting.

NFL Wonderlic Scores by Position

Since keeping records of NFL player results of the Wonderlic Test, here are the statistics by position:

PositionAverage Score
Offensive Tackle26
Tight End22
Wide Receiver17
Running Back16

Best NFL Wonderlic Scores

PlayerPositionTest Score
Ryan FitzpatrickQB49
Eric DeckerWR43
Calvin JohnsonWR41
Luke KuechlyLB34
Tom BradyQB33

Ryan Fitzpatrick is probably the most famous successful Wonderlic Test taker in the NFL. Most likely because he has been active in the NFL for 15 years and relevant throughout his career. Oh, he also went to Harvard, which commentators will bring up almost every game he’s playing in (we get it).

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Ryan Fitzpatrick playing quarterback for the Buffalo Bills

Although Pat McInally scored a 50, he wasn’t nearly as relevant as Fitzpatrick was. Fitz has played for eight different teams and thrown for over 32,000 passing yards along with 210 touchdowns. He was probably the most memorable as the Buffalo Bills quarterback from 2009-2012.

Worst NFL Wonderlic Scores

Now on to the worst results. Sticking with notable NFL players, here are some of the worst NFL Wonderlic scores submitted:

PlayerPositionTest Score
Frank GoreRB4
Sebastian JanikowskiK9
Ray LewisLB13
Lamar JacksonQB13
Jim KellyQB15

Frank Gore playing running back for the San Francisco 49ers

Although he posted an extremely low score, Frank Gore is still active in the NFL today and has been very productive throughout his career. As a running back, maybe it doesn’t matter that much after all. Gore is third all-time in rushing yards in NFL history proving that the Wonderlic Test might not matter for every position.


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