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Derrick Henry Workout

Have you seen how strong Derrick Henry is? It’s no surprise he’s found great success in his role as the running back for the Tennessee Titans. Derrick Henry will credit his workout effort and his overall work ethic as to why he’s been so successful in the NFL.

Ever wonder what a Derrick Henry workout looks like? We did some research and found out what the running back does to stay at the top of his fitness.

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High School and College Career

Henry played high school ball at Yulee High School in Yulee, Florida where he completely dominated. I’m sure at some point one of your friends has shown you his hilariously impressive stat line from high school.

He averaged almost 9 yards per carry and over 250 yards rushing over his four-year career at Yulee. Oh, don’t forget to add in the 153 touchdowns, which averages out to over 38 in a season. Incredible!

Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans from High School in Yulee, Florida

Derrick Henry’s high school dominance landed him a full ride to the University of Alabama to play under legendary coach Nick Saban. Do you think his dominance stopped once he got to the next level? Of course not.

Henry went on to rush for over 3,500 yards in three seasons Tuscaloosa, averaging 6 yards per carry. He capped off his college career with a 36 carry, 158-yard performance in a 45-40 victory on the national championship stage. What a way to end his career and put himself in the spotlight for the NFL.

Derrick Henry NFL Career

Drafted 45th overall in the second round by the Tennessee Titans, Henry began his career as an NFL running back. He started off as a backup in the 2016 season where he only managed 490 yards on the ground. But this was just a warmup for Henry.

He ended up splitting carries with DeMarco Murray the next year and posting over 700 rushing. But of course, his NFL development didn’t stop there. Henry continued to improve every season in the big leagues.

How about boosting his rushing total to 1,059 yards in 2018 and then 1,540 yards in 2019. Henry just keeps getting better and better each and every year. His huge year in 2019 helped lead his Tennessee Titans to the AFC Championship, where they would lose to the eventual Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans running down the field in the NFL against the Jacksonville Jaguars

Derrick Henry Workout

Since coming into the league in 2016, Henry has been known as one the strongest running backs in the NFL. This obviously makes him one of the toughest to bring down due to his incredible physique. Henry makes sure to test his body during his workouts with heavy lifting and speed training.

Derek Henry’s workouts consists of power exercises such as Hex Bar Deadlifts and Power Cleans, strength exercises such as bench press and squats, and sprint workouts.

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Lower Body Workout

Derrick Henry focuses on Squats and Deadlifts when it comes to his lower body workouts. Here is an example of his main lower body lifts:

Back Squats: 400 lbs (4 sets of 4 repetitions)

Hex Bar Deadlifts: 500 lbs (4 sets of 6 repetitions)

Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans doing hex bar deadlifts

Sprint Workout

Henry does sprint work throughout the off season, working mostly on uphill inclines. He will do some footwork drills while holding a football and then perform about a 20-yard sprint uphill to finish it off.

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Depending on the time of the offseason, his sprint work could be a little longer than normal. For example, Henry might do 10 sprints uphill back before OTAs start but then reduce that amount to 5-6 sprints once training camp starts up.

Derrick Henry Upper Body Workout

Henry usually sticks to the basics when it comes to his upper body workouts. The bench press and power clean are his go to’s. Derrick Henry can bench 440 pounds! Although it’s not quite what Aaron Donald can bench, for a running back that’s insane.

Still not impressed? He can also power clean 345 pounds. Just wow.

In terms of sets and repetitions, Henry tries to stick with low reps to focus on power and strength. His upper body workout would look something like this:

Bench Press: 375 lbs (4 sets of 5 repetitions)

Power Cleans: 315 lbs (3 sets of 3 repetitions)


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